Five Things to Look Forward to When Supernatural Returns in January

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Five Things to Look Forward to When Supernatural Returns in January

Message  Glass Heart le Mar 1 Déc - 15:21

Voilà un article de BuddyTV qui vous convaincra de regarder Supernatural en janvier


" Five Things to Look Forward to When 'Supernatural' Returns in January
It's going to take some time before Sam and Dean return to our TV screens and I'm sure we're all going to suffer from severe Supernatural withdrawal. Luckily, executive producer Sera Gamble has shared some teasers to get us through the cold dark holiday season.

Warning: This article may contain minor spoilers so read at your own risk.

No, this doesn't involve the Croatoan virus. Supernatural is doing a twist on post-modern zombies by giving them lots of personality and Gamble hints, "They're not necessarily bad zombies. At least not right off the bat. They're zombies that make you think."

Lucifer and Michael
Since the Colt can't kill Lucifer, it's obvious that we'll be seeing more of the devil in the form of Mark Pellegrino. And we'll also learn how taking over Sam fits into his plans while we understand the Apocalypse from the perspective of Archangel Michael. Gamble says Michael is "trying to become embodied and Dean is the only possible vessel for him. He's not walking around in the here and now, so we have to be creative in introducing Michael. You will meet him."

Bloody Valentine
OK so maybe it's a lame reference to Jensen Ackles' movie. But we are getting treated to a very dark and sinister Valentine's Day episode, which is described as "an exploration of the nature of love and desire."

Switching Bodies
Though Gamble vaguely hints on a body swap storyline, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reveals that Sam and Dean switch bodies with each other and a couple other characters.

More Winchesters
"We will be further exploring the secrets of the Winchester family and Sam and Dean's past. There's more to reveal there," says Gamble. This means we'll be getting some flashbacks here and there. This also means that there's a possibility for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to reprise his role as John Winchester ".

(Source : BuddyTV)

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Re: Five Things to Look Forward to When Supernatural Returns in January

Message  Laeti le Sam 12 Déc - 12:18


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