Watch This : The Top TV Shows Of 2009

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Watch This : The Top TV Shows Of 2009

Message  Glass Heart le Mar 15 Déc - 13:35

SPN is in

"Supernatural," CW : Shows in their fourth and fifth seasons - especially genre shows - usually fold in on themselves, becoming so dense with accumulated layers of mythology that newbies are rebuffed. But "Supernatural" keeps its mythology interesting without letting it become intimidating. And this thoughtfully crafted show got bolder and more creative in 2009, coming up with hilarious and innovative episodes and taking risks with its storytelling (How do you unleash Lucifer without veering into camp? "Supernatural" managed it). Without a lot of fanfare or pretension, this show is asking interesting questions about the presence (or absence) of God while still supplying meaty genre stories, and "Supernatural's" cast features some of the most solidly talented and underrated actors on TV.

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