Supernatural - The new Ghostbusters ?

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Supernatural - The new Ghostbusters ?

Message  Glass Heart le Jeu 18 Mar - 13:31

Supernatural - The new Ghostbusters?
Thursday, 18 March 2010

ChicagoNow has a feature on why there shouldn't be another sequel to Ghostbusters.

"The problem with Ghostbusters is that a television show on The CW does the exact same thing.

Supernatural is the Ghostbusters of the new generation.

Considering that The CW has renewed the show for another season, why doesn't Hollywood just make a Supernatural movie? This generation who grew up on the shows of their time would be more interested in seeing a film of the Winchester brothers than a film about a few old guys coming out of retirement for one last hurrah.

I don't even think Bill Murray is all that interested in a third film and didn't seem all that pleased about doing the second one back in 1989.

Let the Ghostbusters franchise stay in the 1980's and hand over the duties of ghost chasing to the more now universe of the Winchester brothers."

For the full feature, click here.

Source: ChicagoNow

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