Jus In Bello 6 Rome May 2015

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Re: Jus In Bello 6 Rome May 2015

Message  Glass Heart le Dim 24 Mai - 17:30

Thank You !

Can you believe that it's been 1 week already since JIBCON 6?

After all the madness, the fun and the emotions of the last weekend for us it's very difficult to let it go. We would love to still have all of you with us and spend time together.
Things have been hectic and the workload huge but you've made every second of it worth doing because you are simply the best! We have said so year after year, but every time you manage to surprise and impress us more and more with your support, understanding and friendship. 
You share your happiness so freely that it's simply impossible not to be happy in return and to be moved and touched by your passion, devotion and love. You have big hearts and shining souls, and for this we are so thankful there are no words good enough to say so! 
THANK YOU! Thank you for being there with us and for us when we needed your kindness, you cannot imagine how important that's been, and how much we love each and every one of you for that. You've proven that no matter what happens you have our back.
And let us say that we've watched you all weekend long with wonder, because you are amazing and truly awe inspiring!
We forward another extraordinary thank you those who have decided to look at people in need and have donated to Random Acts in the name of JIB Family (http://gogetfunding.com/what-s-in-the-box/). You have literally astounded us! You are wonderful human beings and have made us feel so honored TO KNOW YOU!
We could not have imagined anything more fulfilling for our family. Your kind act represent the best part of JIB and everything we wish for our association to inspire and represent to people sharing this adventure with us.

Another special thank you goes to all our incredible guests because once more they've readily offered to walk that extra mile to help us make things good for you. 
Jared's absence has been an open wound in all our hearts, a weight of sadness and worry that could have easily cloaked JIBCON 6. But thanks to Jensen, Misha, Mark, Richard, Rob, Tahmoh, Osric, Greyston, Felicia, Jim, Bob, and Jason, and to their generosity and genuine care for every person at the convention it never happened. Thanks to their strength and love for this family, we have felt part of something unique and precious instead.
As professionals, we extend our deepest respect to them, as people we want to express our sincere gratitude and love to them for who they are. THANK YOU!

And last but not least a huge THANK YOU goes to the amazing people in our staff, each one of you has worked so hard without complaining, going way beyond what we could ask or anyone could expect. Your patience, your sympathy, your camaraderie made all this possible, because YOU ARE THE BEST FRIENDS ANYONE COULD EVER HOPE TO HAVE, we are so proud of you! We honestly don't know what we have done to deserve you and your unwavering loyalty but we hope you know how much we care for you and rely on you. WE LOVE YOU PEOPLE!

Before we start crying again because we miss everyone mentioned here so terribly already, let's say ARRIVEDERCI for now and see you next year!

Hugs and Always Keep Fighting!

Daniela, Chiara e Francesca


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