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Supernatural Does The Monster Mash Quizz CW

Message  Glass Heart le Lun 20 Oct - 11:58

We're running out of superlatives when it comes to Supernatural! Yet again, Kripke & Co. hit us with an episode full of fabulous chewy goodness, and we couldn't be happier. So many good lines! So much gorgeousness to look at! Fantastically cheesy effects and sound cues! Really, there's nothing we DON'T like. One question, though -- just how many shapeshifters are out there? This is the third one we've run across. Shouldn't they have their own support group by now? Heck, we're thinking there's enough to have a yearly convention!
Sam and Dean head over to Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (or is that Transylvania?) to check out a juicy, straightforward killing -- a witness claims he saw a vampire knock off a comely lass. But when the boys examine the body, the find two neat little punctures on her neck. Since the vamps they know tend to rip out the whole throat, something weird is going on. When they interview the witness, he describes a straight-up creature-feature Dracula-type vampire, complete with cape, widow's peak and Hungarian accent. The boys figure this is the work of your garden variety human nutjob, not a supernatural beastie.

Or is it? Because that night, a young couple is attacked by a werewolf that looks like it stepped out of a frame from a Lon Chaney Jr. movie. Then a guard at the local museum is strangled by a straight-up mummy who rose out of a mysterious sarcophagus -- which the guys discover was purchased from a prop house in Philly. What the heck is going on?

Dean gets an inkling when he goes to meet Jamie, a comely young bar wench who he hopes to re-lose his virginity with. (Long story -- suffice it to say, Dean believes that when he was drawn out of hell and revived in a body without injury, he was "re-hymenated." Hee!) Jamie is menaced by the Dracula wannabe, who called her "Mina" and talks about her being the reincarnation of his last bride. Dean arrived just in time to engage in fisticuffs, which is more difficult than he imagines -- Drac is strong! But Dean manages to divest Drac of his ear (eeeeeeeewwwwwww!) and a part of his wardrobe, which proves to be from the same Philly prop house. And the ear? Well, that feels like the sort of gobbet of flesh the boys had found at various shapeshifter lairs. Now they know what they're dealing with. But who is it?

The guys discover that Ed Brewer, the witness to the first vampire attack, is new in town and is semi-obsessed with Jamie. Plus, he's the projectionist at the old movie theater! Sam goes off to confront him, and discovers him playing Bach's Toccata and Fugue in G (yes, that's the Dracula music from the old movies). Sam approaches with the gun... and Ed flips the rhythm switch on the Casio and breaks out a nice Moroccan beat. Hee! When Sam yanks on Ed's ear ("It's supposed to come off!" "No, it's not!"), he realizes that the shapeshifter is someone else.

Dean and Jamie stay at the bar and get plastered ... er, imbibe a few fortifying drinks to recover from the shock of meeting Dracula. Before they can advance to stage two (drunken nookie), they're interrupted by Lucy, Jamie's fellow bartender. But Lucy is not what she seems -- she's the shapeshifter! She drugs then and takes them to Dracula's lair, where Jamie is given a Mina Harker-esque gown and Dean is dressed in lederhosen (hee!) and bolted to a table like Frankenstein's monster. It seems this shapeshifter has a thing for the classic black-and-white monster flicks, and he decided to act them out, with the twist that in his version, the monsters get the girl and the hero dies. But the others can't seem to stick to the script -- Sam figures out who the shapeshifter is and frees Dean. Jamie wants nothing to do with the murdering psycho shapeshifter, and when Sam and Dean come in to fight him, Jamie ends up grabbing the gun and shooting the 'shifter with silver bullets. He dies -- but at least he has a spiffy, cinematic death scene, complete with final words.

So it's a happy ending all around (for everyone except the 'shifter, and all the dead people) -- Sam and Dean vanquish the beastie, the town is saved, Dean is divested of his troublesome re-virginity, Sam actually consumes some food, and we all find out what movie Dean would want to live in (Porky's 2). Plus, we learn that the boys look even MORE delicious in black-and-white! How is that even possible?

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