Supernatural : Ruby Explained and Anna Revealed

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Supernatural : Ruby Explained and Anna Revealed

Message  Glass Heart le Dim 16 Nov - 10:52

Supernatural : Ruby Explained and Anna Revealed

Supernatural hit us with another whammy of an episode last night -- and another instance of "To Be Continued." Curses! Just when things were getting good even better utterly amazing! We had stellar work from both boys, as usual, but we've got to give a special shout-out to Jared for the way he showed Sam's descent into drink-addled grief in the flashbacks -- you could just see how devastated he was. Fantastic!

Dean is appalled to see Ruby again, and he makes his displeasure known. Ruby ignores him-- she's got news of a girl who escaped from a mental institution, and some big-gun demons are after her. There's a reason for that: Anna, the girl, can eavesdrop on angels. She knows about the war, the potential apocalypse, Lilith and the 66 seals -- the whole shebang. And from what she's been hearing ... well, things aren't good. There are more than 600 seals, she says to her shrink. Lilith only needs to break 66 of them. "That's why it's nearly impossible to stop her. That's why the angles are losing. That's why we're all going to die." Yipe!

When a demon possesses an orderly and tries to take Anna, something seriously weird happens -- a chest of drawers slides across the room at great speed and knows him out. Did Anna do that? However it happened, she escaped, and she scampered to her church to hide out.

They boys come looking for her, and find her parents slaughtered -- the demons had already gotten to them. When the boys find her in her church, she's initially timid, but when she hears that it's Sam and Dean, she comes out of hiding. "Sam? Not Sam Winchester," she asks. Sam assents, confused. "And you're Dean? The Dean?" The boys are confused. "The angels talk about you," she tells them. "Some of them think you can save us," she says to Dean. "And some of them don't like you at all," she says to Sam. Yipe!

Before they can delve into Radio Free Angel too much, Ruby appears -- a Big Bad is on their tail! When a statue of the Virgin Mary starts weeping blood, it's obvious he's arrived. Sam tries to work his mind mojo on the demon, but it has no effect. Dean jumps him, and the demon gets friendly -- don't you recognize me? It's a high-level badass demon who spent some quality time with Dean in hell. While Sam and Dean cleverly distract Alastair by allowing him to beat the crap out of them, Ruby grabs Anna and suns. Sam grabs the knife and stabs Alastair in the heart -- but even THAT doesn't kill him. Uh-oh. The guys dive out a church window to escape.

Back at the hotel, Dean demands to know where Ruby is, what she's doing with Anna, and why the hell Sam trusts her. Sam finally tells the story. He tried to trade his soul to a crossroads demon, but the demon wouldn't take him. Then he arrived home one night and got jumped by a couple of demons. One of them was Ruby, sent by Lilith to kill him -- but she kills her compatriot instead. When Sam finds out she still can't help with Dean, he kicks her out of the car -- and out of the body she's riding. So Ruby finds a comatose girl who is in the process of flatlining and takes her. There was no soul at home in this particular meat suit, so Sam can't object. She wants to train Sam to take out Lilith. It doesn't go well. Not even after she and Sam engage in hot demonic nookie (which makes Dean a little queasy). Then Sam gets word that Lilith is in town, and he decides it's time to take her out. Ruby objects -- he's not ready! She figures out this is a suicide mission -- Sam wants to die. He doesn't want to live without his brother. (These Winchester boys!) Sam finds a Lilith-like girl, but it's a trap. Ruby saves him, and that's when Sam decides he really can trust her.

Back in the present, Ruby momentarily possesses a hotel maid to tell the guys where she's hiding Anna. They find her, but something is following close behind. It's Castiel and Uriel. They're there to kill Anna. Why? To be continued. Gah!

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